Why am I doing this?

There are so many different information sources out there how can we figure out what we should do? There are books out there, but by the time they are printed not all the information is up-to-date. This blog is meant to be a resource for all of us out there who want to know more about “green” living but do not know where to start.

The goal of this blog is for me to research information and share it with you on how we can “green” our lives. We all know about changing out light bulbs but what else can we do? I hope to cover things like where to find a farmers market to discuss possible investments in the stock market in the up and coming alternative energy sector… how to “green” our barbeque’s and holiday dinners (do not worry I am not vegan or even vegetarian so no tofrukey recommendations).

Some things I tell you about I may not be doing myself. I think we do not have the resources in this country for all of us to do all of this everyday but if we start making economic decisions that are “green” the business world will make it easier for us to do these things more frequently and at a lower cost.

I am not a crunchy granola hippy living on a commune. I want to give the average person (like myself) resources to make more informed decision on how they can improve (or at least not hurt) the environment.


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