Why ITunes is Green

Apple is a company that has both positively affected musicians and negatively affected the music industry. All of that aside for moment think about the last time you bought a CD? Even if you did buy one recently I have to think you are buying less of them now.

Why Apple products are Green: 

The Ipods, Iphones, and Itouch’s are all rechargeable so there are no batteries to replace.

Apple communicates completely by email. You can go buy your Ianything at an Apple store and they could email you your receipt and you can continue on for years without getting a single piece of paper from them.

There was an article posted today on AOL (http://money.aol.com/news/articles/_a/report-says-apple-talking-with-record/n20080319112109990002 ) that talks about the growing use of Itunes and the possible changes they are going to make to their business model by offering unlimited downloads for a flat monthly or annual fee.

Overall, they offer the consumer a greener way to enjoy music.

Economic impact: Changing the business landscape for the music industry by making CD’s not the primary way consumers get their music.

Environmental impact: no CD’s or jewel cases to be made or disposed of.

Personal Financial Impact: downloading songs are cheaper than cd’s were.

If you are interested in investing in Apple their ticker symbol is: AAPL

Please note nothing in this or any other posts should  substitute for your own research in investments and discussions with an investment professional. I am not a licensed financial professional and my posts should not be considered financial advice.


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