How to find a farmers market

Finding a Farmers Market is much harder than you would think. I personally know of at least two in a 5 mile radius from my home but you cannot find out about them through any one central source. I found out about both of them through word of mouth. One is a long established farmers market in an area that can easily support it but it only runs a few months of the year and I am currently desperately trying to find out when it starts again. The other one is extremely small, has the worst parking ever and on a weekday. As the interest in farmers markets grow I expect that it will move to a better location with more vendors. But to be perfectly honest finding about either of them is next to impossible.

Here is my advice on how to find them:

  • Call you local townships offices, all of these markets need to have permits in the towns they are in so you are most likely to find out about them through this source. They may not know the dates and time though so you need to get the name of the group that obtained the permit and contact them (also note some towns run them so you might be calling the organizer).
  • Once you know the organization running the market email or call them to find out when it starts… I did that 2 days ago and am waiting for a response.
  • Google or use another search engine to search “farmers markets” and your town or state. You may get linked to the website of the group organizing a farmers market, a farm selling at particular farmers markets, or non-profit groups that have booths at markets.
  • Read your local paper or search for a blog about your area that might mention the farmers market.
  • Ask your neighbors, maybe they know of one… sometimes there are really close to your home but in a more remote area that you do not drive by to know about. 

This is the best site I have found so far on how to find one on the internet. One of the farmers markets in my area is listed but they have not updated their information since 2003.

Most importantly once you find one tell people about it and if you had a hard time finding it let the organizers know because they want people to come too.

If you find any good resources on finding a farmers market I encourage you to post it here for people to see.

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