Weekly Tip: Canvas Bags

Let face it this is another no brainer, we all know it is better to bring our own bag to the grocery store or any other store and help the planet.  If you have even started to try to do this your have probably gone to the grocery store and left the bags at home or in your car.

Here are some tips on how to remember (or make it easier) to follow this environmentally friendly tip:

  • Get one that is small enough to fit into your purse (sorry guys).
  • Leave some in all of your cars (I tried leaving them in just my car but sometimes my husband’s car is at the end of the driveway so I just take that car)
  • Leave some in the mudroom, by the front door or wherever you go before you leave the house to go on these errands.
  • Make it the kids job to remember… if you bring your kids shopping with you they might like to have some responsibility and you can leave it to them to remember.

To take it a step further use the bags not just at the supermarket/grocery store use them at the drug store, department store, farmers market…etc. You get bags alot of places.

Economic impact: It will help lower cost for stores that could eventually be passed on the customer.

Environmental impact: Decrease in the use of energy resources needed to make the bags. It also reduces emissions because trucks will not be delivering bags to the stores and it will reduce landfill space since we will not be throwing out our bags.

Personal Financial Impact: Other than getting a few bags at the store if you do not already have some canvas bags there is very little impact. Good canvas bags are washable and should last for years so in the long term it should basically have no cost (especially if your grocery store gives you a credit for every-time you use them).


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