How to Recycle: Part 2

Get what you need to start collecting the items you can recycle in your town.

Here are some of the items you might need:

  • Paper lawn bags for your lawn waste
  • Twine to tie up your magazines and newspapers
  • Different containers for both indoors and out.

Be realistic when you are shopping for your items. If you tend to read your magazines in bed put a roll of twine in your nightstand so that when the pile gets big enough you will wrap it up.

Measure your spaces. If you are going to get containers for the kitchen, mudroom…etc. make sure you know what size will fit behind the door or in a cabinet. All the containers will start to look the same when you go to the store.

Organize and think about where everything should go and what is most convenient. If it is not easy you will not do it so make purchases that will help you reduce your likely-hood of not doing this.

Be willing to make the investment… do not go crazy and go buy super expensive items but be sensible about what you are doing and how important it is. Get what you need to make this something your whole family can do.


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