Weekly Tip: Library

_40391111_library203body.jpgA way to save money and help the environment is to use your library. People buy millions of books a year and millions of trees are used to create those books never-mind the fuel and emissions used to delivery them to stores or directly to your home.

Library’s have up to date books that have just come out. Even if you are a slow reader you can renew the book and keep it longer. Even if you do not return it the day it is due you will be giving a contribution to the library to buy more books and will still be cheaper than buying the book.

Goto the library, get a card and get a print out of their hours to put on your fridge so you know when they are open. Most cities now have agreements with other towns so you can take out books at more than one towns library in case yours does not have the book you want.

Obviously there will be some books that you want to purchase to keep for reference but really how many times are you going to read the new Sue Grafton book?? Do you really need your own, new copy??

Going to the library is definitely a great way to help the environment.


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