How to Recycle: Part 3

Get your house ready for the change!!!

  1. Do a clean sweep of your house and get all the magazines, catalogs, and newspapers and wrap them up
  2. Any plastic food containers to throw out? Rinse them off and put it in the new recycling bin.
  3. Empty plastic water bottles in your house, car, bags…etc. (use the water that might be left in them to water your plants) and put the containers in the new recycling bin.

While you are doing this take note of the things you are not done using but might good for recycling in the future.

Use this as an opportunity to organize part of your life. For example, you might want to start putting all magazines and catalogs in the same place in the house so they are centrally located to read and recycle.

Post your thought and ideas on how you can use this step to help make your house cleaner and greener.


2 thoughts on “How to Recycle: Part 3

  1. Here in England, we also compost and recycle our cardboard and food scraps. Many people have composting bins in the back yard or the City Council also collects food scraps every week instead of adding it to the trash bin. We highly recommend food scrap separation from your trash as well as recycling all glass, plastic, tin, cardboard, paper and clothe. Encourage your local municipality to develop the best recycling programme possible!!

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