Commentary: Never Paperless

While I think blogs are basically commentaries I thought I should be up front with you about today’s post. I do not think it is possible to ever be a paperless society.

No matter how much we try and work at reducing the amount of paper ( I only mean paper we write on) we use we still need it. I still write my grocery list on the back of an envelope (at least I am recycling right) but I will never do away with that. I still sometimes write these blogs or ideas for blogs in a notebook on my train ride home from work.

What about kids, they will always need paper. I look at my nieces and they love to draw and paint. How would they be creative without paper?

It is completely incomprehensible to think that there will ever be a time when we will not need paper and painting some sort of expectation that can never be achieved is what makes people think this “green” movement is waste because we can not accomplish some of the impossible goals that are being laid out.

We need to think about how we can reduce our use of paper but never will be able to live without it. Maybe we should strive to be a less paper society instead.


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