Global Warming Refugees

This blog has gone international. As some of you may have seen I received a post from Danny Bloom asking me to write my thoughts about a radical idea he has about where survivors from global warming may live. Danny suggests that the survivors of global warming will become refugees and be forced to live in the poles on the land underneath the current ice in the north and south poles in the pods shown above. Depending on what scientist you talk to this scenario could be for our grandkids or our grandkids, grandkids… I think that there is little debate that this is a possibillity if we do not start to make changes in our lives now.

Danny’s goal is to publicize this real doomsday scenario so people really get the message. He asked a local artist to create a personal rendition of what these refugee camps might be like in the poles.  See the drawings here

I applaud Danny’s efforts and I think any effort that changes even one persons mindset or lifestyle to be more aware of the environment is worth it to me. However, I am not sure that this idea in it current PR campaign approach will make millions change their lifestyle. The is a personal feel that this might affect a person personally or someone they love who would need to evacuate and live in one of these. However, the people who need their minds changed probably do not have this emotional connection to this idea.

My recommendation may be considered just ask radical as the idea I am commenting on but I think if you really want to affect millions of people and get them into action take this idea and make it movie. I think it is the best way to make this doomsday scenario resonate with at least the average American in a place that they are not looking for advice. If you create a compelling movie that takes this horrible scenario and gives it a personal feel you will get the attention of people who are not looking to “green” their lives or even believe it is that likely a possibility. Make it a blockbuster movie with tie in to National Geographic and Animal Planet to show the scientific side.  We are a commercial and entertainment driven world and to get this message out to people who need to get this message there is no better way.

An Inconvenient Truth was a good example of how powerful the media can be but it was still a documentary and some people just are not that interested in that genre. Make it something exciting and summer blockbuster worthy and people will be even more plugged into the movement.

I do want to go back to the fact that I applaud Danny and his efforts and I think that his vision and innovative approach can work in other ways than the one I suggested… I am simply suggesting that this is the biggest audience for his message.

Good Luck Danny, I will follow your progress and keep the readers updated and I welcome you to let us know what you are doing to.

Here is a link to a New York Times post about this topic as well :


3 thoughts on “Global Warming Refugees

  1. Hello green4u,

    Thanks for a nice note on the polar cities idea, both pro and con, and I like your idea of a movie. You are right, a movie about polar city life in year 2500 or so, would really reach a lot of people and make them think. It’s part of the PR goal to find a producer to make this movie for us. I already have some notes in my notebook about a title for this movie and a short synopsis. But it is so difficult to find a producer when you don’t know anyone in Hwood, but maybe some independent producer will hear about the polar cities idea and come to me. I have written to Danny Boyle and Steve Tisch and the DAY AFTER people, but nobody of course replies……… my guess is that some studio right at this moment is working on a kind of polar cities movie, maybe using a different name but a kind of post-apoca story about people living in some kind of safe refuge in future years………I hope to see that movie someday.

    thanks for your kind words and will keep in touch, yes.

    The recent write up in the Dot Earth blog of the New York Times helped bring the term POLAR CITIES to more people’s attention, and coming soon are some articles about polar cities in the Sunday Herald of Scotland, UK, and the Boston Globe too. But for the most part, this is a blogosphere story making the rounds.

    Will let you know what happens next. Here is one story from the Liberty Times in Taiwan, in Chinese, with translation too: Photos of Mr Deng as well, the genius artist who visualized a first edition of what a polar city might look like


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