Weekly Tip: Cloth Napkins

I have to admit I did not think of this one at all and did not hear about it till recently but it is a great and simple idea. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. Paper napkins waste paper, cause pollution and can cause chemicals to go into our water supply by the process used to bleach the paper for white napkins. Paper napkins also take up landfill space and create emissions when being delivered to your local store.

I admit this will require a change in mindset at your house everyone is going to want to use their tidy disposable napkins every night rather than reusing a cloth napkin for a night or two (assuming you do not have a super messy dinner). You can buy some cloth napkins at any Linens and Things or Bed Bath and Beyond. You can also sew them pretty easily with any fabric that you like.

I encourage you try this for even just a week I think you will find it is quite enjoyable. Once you are comfortable with it you can go get more cloth napkins so that you can just throw them into your normal wash.

Wish me luck getting my husband to switch to this one but I think it is a great simple away to help.


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