Weekly Tip: Walking

While this seems so obvious at first it really is not always easy for rural or suburban residents. Walking as much as you can with out driving is a great way to reduce emissions and is good for your health.

Here some ideas of how you can walk more or use your car less:

  • Take public transportation. Riding with more people is better than one.
  • Drive to one central place for your errands and do not move the car just walk to the different stores in the area.
  • Start shopping locally, maybe you usually drive to a drugstore but there is one 2 blocks away. Switch to the one that is closer and walk there.
  • Be willing to walk farther when the weather is warmer, make the walking part of the outing.
  • Try running errands with a neighbor or friends if you have to drive. It is always more fun to have someone with you.
  • Walk to work, the train, or whatever other transportation you might drive to or at least carpool.

Post you suggestions on ways that you can walk more and drive less.


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