My Green Weekend

Living “green,” being “green,” and pretty much anything else you could remotely associate with the environment was promoted this weekend. I had already planned to do some more “green” things but the world out there was pushing everyone else to do more.

  1. I started off by planting some of my garden. I planted my flowers in a new flower bed we made at the front of our house. I also worked on separating a my seedlings for my vegetable garden. We are hoping to grow the following items in a huge garden we created in the back of our yard: 5 different kinds of lettuce (I did not know which would grow the best, they are all doing well, lots of salad!), eggplant, edanamme, onions, tomato’s, lots of different kinds of peppers, spaghetti squash, raspberries, and lots of herbs (parsley, mint, oregano, basil, and rosemary).
  2. I went and got some very nice inexpensive planters at Ikea so I could share some of the good seedlings I started with friends.
  3. I got a set of cleaning cloths. These are cloths that are specially designed to be used either dry or with cleaner to clean common items. You can throw them in the washer and dryer and keep re-using. I got those for $3 at set of 4 (windows, furniture polishing, dusting, and bathroom cleaning).
  4. Got two empty spray bottles so I can make my own cleaner with vinegar. I will share the recipe for that once I find it again online.
  5. I purchased two organic cotton t-shirts at Target. They are extremely soft, I think we all forget that most of our clothes are not 100% cotton and how wonderful it can be wear cotton clothing.
  6. When I walked into Ikea I got a free bush to plant for Earth Day (bonus).

FYI Ikea only sells bags now, the plastic bags are 5 cents and the big blue tarp like bags are 60 cents.

So on top of all of this green stuff I was still bombarded with emails from every online vendor pushing their green things of the week… Vitamin Shoppe offered me a free reusable bag if I spent $50 there on Earth Day, Bed Bath and Beyond listed their green items in an email including recycling bins and the book Organic Living… I could go on but I won’t. I then turned on the TV, FOX had changed their logo to a green color and changed the O to a planet earth, they had some commercials that used clips from the Simpson’s talking about the environment, Dateline NBC tried to a do a green episode which I tried to watch and just could not, then I switched to the Weather Channel which was running one of their many green shows (they were not selling out just for this week) which was fascinating but then my husband wanted to watch the Mets game. While I commend all the efforts of the companies and channels listed above they were pretty token efforts I hope that they continue to recognize the need to continue.


2 thoughts on “My Green Weekend

  1. Great idea about the cleaner! I am looking for something to clean toys that is both green and safe for my son. When you get the recipe, let me know and I will use it! Thanks!

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