Earth Day Today!!

The first Earth Day was celebrated by 20 million Americans marching in their local areas about the importance of protecting our environment. Here we are over 30 years later with the problem getting worse. Here are some Earth Day specific things you can do to show you care.

If you want to help the environment by being a consumer you can:

  • Buy your coffee at Starbucks with your gift card and they will donate $.05 to Conservation International. For every $1 raised a tree can be planted in Chilapas, Mexico.

Did you know that more than 20% of all carbon dioxide emissions come from the burning and clearing of forests? That’s more than from all of the world’s cars, trucks, SUVs, and trains combined. Starbucks’ investment in and support for local coffee growers and the communities that help keep forests intact ensures that every cup of coffee they brew produces tangible benefits for both local and global communities.

  • Macy’s has several events: Ford Escape Hybrid sweepstakes, sapling giveaway at stores today, free natural cotton totes for the first 150 customers (available for purchase for $3.95 with $1 going to the National Parks Foundation), shopping event on April 26-27 (buy a 20%-10% off coupon for $5) to benefit the National Parks Foundation, kids get a free activity book called Kid Power, and they have an entire section of their website of eco-friendly products.

Macy’s is also in the process of installing solar panels on the roof tops of 24 their stores in California making them one of the leaders in the retail industry to address the global warming and energy issues.

  • Spend $50 at Vitamin Shoppe and get a free re-usable tote bag.
  • Home Depot has 10% off Energy Star rated appliances ($299 or more) or buy an n:vision 4 pack of compact florescent bulbs and be entered to win 4 times a $5,000 Home Depot gift card.
  • Banana Republic will donate 1% of their sales from April 22-27th (up to $100,000) to conserving green city spaces.
  • The Body Shop is not offering anything special on Earth Day but they have been at the forefront of environmental business practices for decades.

If you just want to make a commitment today to do something you cannot normally do on a regular basis to help the environment you can do the following:

  • Do not drive at all today. Use public transportation or walk.
  • Do not use any electricity today at home (we all probably have to go to work). Leave your fridge plugged in but no computer, TV, or lights.
  • Take the shortest shower you possibly can, and continue to try to conserve water as much as you can all day.

If alot of these things are to hard to do at least pack your lunch in a canvas bag and run less errands than normal today. Be sure to talk to your kids about the importance of the symbolism of the day.

Here is a great blog that I read that reminds us why Earth Day is important


8 thoughts on “Earth Day Today!!

  1. I think businesses should be doing much more than they are. Places like Starbucks would not be at a loss were they to donate even 90% of their income for today.

    To be honest, I’d much rather buy fair trade or donate, than support a place that gives less than 1% of today’s income to better the Earth.

    I like the list of personal things you can do! I will likely be celebrating Earth Day some other day, because I have an exam tomorrow which requires me to use the computer for studying.

    Thanks for this great post!

  2. There are also lots of credit cards you can use, year-round, to contribute positively to the environment. Some of them allow you to exchange reward points for the offsetting carbon emissions, while others are partnered with groups like Sierra Club and World Wildlife Foundation and donate 1% of your purchases to the charities. Here’s a thing that provides info on all the big green cards: The ideas you gave for today are great, but think of all the ways to help the earth every day!

  3. I’m stealing this from George Carlin who says a huge problem with the country becoming fully aware with the seriousness of all this is the language we use for it.

    “The public will never be concerned about global warming or the greenhouse effect. These words just aren’t scary enough. “Global” means all-encompassing, “warming” connotes comfort. “Green” equals growth, and “house” equals shelter. Growth, shelter, and all-encompassing comfort. Doesn’t sound like much of a threat. Relax.”

    Just a thought. and a day late but happy earth day people!

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