Time Magazine Cover


Time Magazine cover

There has been a lot of buzz this week about the cover of Time Magazine. I will start off by saying that I have not read the article, this post is purely about the cover.

First, global warming, environmentalism, “green” anything is not a war… it is never going to end (many could argue that some wars never end but that is for a different kind of blog). We cannot recycle for a few years and then “withdraw” or “win” and go back to our old ways.

What is going on right now is a lifestyle change for the good. People die in wars and other horrible things happen but for the most part, good things will come out of this change for a better a planet. People are not going to start dying from organic food, walking more, or many of the other environmental changes that are available or will be available.  The cotton gin, printing press, computers have all brought about lifestyle (and business) changes and it was hardly a war that brought them into our lives.

It is just as bad to call this a fad as it is to call it war. We need to realize that doing the right thing does not need have a label. Some people do not want to jump on the bandwagon…etc. We do not need to make people feel like having a compost pile in their backyard or driving a Prius is some sort of label. Many people can do many different things to help the environment and as this issue continues to percolate in this country we need to work hard to make this not about a definition/label or war, but the right thing to do.

I felt this topic was important to bring up on this blog because the things I suggest and talk about here are changes we are choosing to make in our lives and there may never be a time that we will be able to go back to the way things were. I do not think that this is hardship most of the time, it is a way to live on Earth understanding that there are not infinite resources.

How do you feel about the cover?


One thought on “Time Magazine Cover

  1. Good blog post, green4u. I saw the cover today in the local bookstore, interesting. Articles inside are good too. Myself, I like the cover, because it is striking and symbolic, but you make a good point, this is not a war, this is something even deeper than war. But the cover is a good beginning.

    In a weird way, some rightwing nuts have criticized the cover for trampling on the memory of dead US soldiers who died on Iwo Jima and they criticized the cover for making a mockery of Iwo Jima. I think they are wrong, but that is their opinion. They call TIME a left wing magazine when it is not. But many rightwingers are upset at this cover and plan to boycott TIME over this.

    Inside, Bryan Walsh has written a good RX prescription for what ails ye, dear olde Earth. But I am not sure what he says will work. I am still planning for polar cities in the event that nothing we are working on now works out. I fear the worst. But i remain hopeful that polar cities will be our lifeboats in year 2500 or so and people will surviive in them for 1000 years and then come out and repopulate the earth later on in year 3500, albeit with a new philosophy about how to live on Earth.


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