Weekly Tip: Pay Bills Online

Alot of you might already do this but I think it is worth mentioning… Pay your bills on-line. You save paper by not needing to write a check or use an envelope, you reduce emissions by not having to mail the letter so it does not need to travel anywhere, and it saves you money (no stamps!!).

You can take this a step farther by getting your statements online. Every credit card company is offering a token $5 or so for you to get your statements emailed to you rather than mailed. For the bills that you do not really need to keep for any reason I suggest signing up for that. I do recommend that you still get your credit card bills mailed to you if you need them for your taxes or expense reimbursements for work, you should save these for a few year (then shred and recycle).

Alot of banks will let you get your statements on-line for free. ING Direct makes you specifically sign up for paper statements, the default is paperless (which is one of the many things that helps them give you a good interest rate).

Go on your banks web-site and sign up for on-line bill payment today… I promise it will make your life easier in addition to helping the environment.


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