Weekly Tip: Garage Sales

This is the season for garage sales (aka tag sales, also house sales and estate sales are a little different but still great places to find good items). Before people throw out good stuff they usually try to sell it. Fantastic items can be found some in great condition and others in need of some TLC.

Where to find them:

  • Go to Craigslist http://www.craigslist.com
  • Check the newspaper both the really local paper that comes out once a week and the daily paper (usually on Thursday, Friday and Saturday they have the listing of the upcoming sales)
  • Signs on street corners
  • Local websites and municipality websites (my town posts on their website all the registered garage sales for the up coming weekend)

What to bring:

  • Cash
  • Empty car
  • Bungee cords (in case you cannot close your trunk)
  • Friend (these are always more fun when you have someone with you)


  • Get up early, do not go to the sales before they start but do not think that the children’s toys will still be at a sale at 3:00 when it starts at 10:00.
  • Do not haggle to much. There is a cost involved to having these sales and the people having them have to get up early and prepare…etc.

Tips if you are having a garage sale:

  • Get a permit from the town. You do not want to get shut down by the police.
  • Try and get as many of your neighbors to participate. It draws a larger crowd and reduces the total cost of advertising if you get everyone to chip in.
  • Be realistic with your pricing, how much will people pay for it now… the hottest handbag 6 years ago that you spent $500 is not woth $250 now!
  • Put everything out that you think you can live without. You never know what someone is looking for.
  • Ask family members if they want to sell anything. They may not have enough stuff to have their own sale and will just bring their stuff to you.
  • Get cash for change.
  • Advertise as many places as you can that is cost effective.
  • Call the Veteran’s or another non-profit to come and pick up what you do not sell.

Remember this is another form of recycling and it helps keep your junk out of a landfill.


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