Green Gadets of the Future

The Mando display has been created by a Swedish company to keep you in check on how “green” you are living. The device looks alot like a large digital thermostat that tells you how much you are consuming and how much CO2 emissions you are contributing. It also tells you the weather and can even tell you when the next train is coming (obviously for urban areas). They are currently testing this in 15 apartments and the goal is make you more aware of what you are consuming. If you are maintaing a normal range you get a smiley face!

The Smart Strip pictured above keeps track of how much power you have used. It has a battery in it so it keeps track of your usage undefinately so you can see if you have been able to reduce your usage. It costs about $99 but it would help keep you in check on your energy usage.

Finally, this was one of the craziest things I found which was actually the inspiration for this particular post… Dell is going to make a green computer. This particular model is a desktop computer that has a bamboo casing. According Dell’s CEO it is 80% smaller so it uses less materials, it uses 71% less energy than a regular desktop and contains recycled plastic materials. This model is not available yet but when it is it expected to be priced between $500 and $700.

I will be on the look out for more green gadets of the future for you to check out.


3 thoughts on “Green Gadets of the Future

  1. I wonder if Dell can do the casing of a laptop with the bamboo. Now that would be cool. Maybe we should ask Dell to build a eco-friendlier laptop for us who needs it but feel guilty at the same time?

  2. It would be really cool if Dell could make a bamboo laptop. I wish things like this were available now, but at least company’s are thinking about this stuff right!

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