Pesticides and Weed Killer Misuse

I was driving yesterday to run an errand and I swear this is a true account of what I saw… a woman smoking a cigarette in one hand and pumping pesticide or weed killer in the other. It appeared she was spraying a choker vine that was winding through a bush. She had not cut the vine down, try to take out the root, nothing. She was spraying this chemical on every single leaf of the vine. I was at a red light watching her and she just keep pumping the entire time I was there.

What I saw was the perfect arguments as to why our water supply is filled with chemicals and why we are in so much danger. It is almost impossible for anyone who lives around this woman to not have those chemicals seep into their soil after a good rain storm. I am trying really hard to keep our yard organic but I know that my neighbor two doors down uses chemicals on everything so I am pretty sure I am not “clean.”

We cannot ask our neighbors not spray chemicals, they can do whatever they want. The problem is people mis-use these chemicals. The woman I saw probably does not have a serious vine problem that is killing her other plants. She did not try to do anything about this vine except use chemicals. They are so readily available at drugstores, grocery stores, garden centers, and hardware stores that why not spend 2 minutes spraying chemicals rather than trying to just dig it up. If chemicals were not so readily available then maybe people would explore more eco-friendly (and in some case more logical) solutions.

As our water supply continues to get contaminated by all of the these chemicals we need to figure out a way to reduce it. We need to keep people like this woman from using chemicals for no reason. One of the ways we can make that happen is to restrict the use of chemicals to licensed or certified professionals. Have Tru Green ChemLawn come in and fix the problem with regular non-chemical solutions have not worked. There will be an additional cost for a licensed person to come administer the chemicals but that will help encourage people to try other methods first.

We cannot continue to let people like her continue to use the chemicals out of laziness.


3 thoughts on “Pesticides and Weed Killer Misuse

  1. Good point, but I think the key is education. I truly think many people do not realize what they are doing and the effects it has on the enviroment and humans, well and animals too.

    Human nature is to take the easy way out, chemicals were the easy choice.

    I agree though with the damage she was causing.

  2. Leah-

    I agree people take the easy way out. I am not a government regulation advocate on most things, but I do think that is the fastest way to facilitate change. People probably do not get it right now the damage they are doing but I hope they learn soon from all of our green tv shows, news reports…etc.

    Thanks for your comment!


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