Comments from My Commute

On my commute home tonight I noticed the garbage cans at the stops along my way home. They are all clear and see through now so we can see if a bomb in them so I was able to really see what people throw out on the train platform. Basically it was all recyclable, there were newspapers, soda cans, glass bottles, plastic and paper soda cups from fast food restaurants and plastic bags. I assume some of those may have had left over food or what I would call “actual garbage.” There are no receptacles at any of the four stops that I have ever gotten off at on my train line that have recycling containers in them.

Since two stops are actually in the town I live in I plan to write to the town and the local newspapers and give them my solution… have paper, plastic, and tin recycling bins at each train stop and other high traffic areas. These are items that are already recycled in the town recycling program. I have to think that the bins themselves in the two train stops and some other high traffic areas cannot cost more than $500-800 total. I know there are other expenses like emptying them but I am under the impression that it is probably every day that they are emptied and even if they are not they are recyclables they have a longer life of being out without smelling terrible.

This is just one of the very simple ways our towns can do something to help save the environment (with little to no effort).


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