MMM… Meat (grass fed)

Well our grass fed beef, from La Cense Beef, party was a success. We had our 12 reviewers come over for sliders and london broil. We prepared the meat with no additional additives (nothing added to the meat before cooking) so every reviewer was just eating the meat plain (we did marinate one london broil but we made sure everyone got a piece of the non-marinated kind as well).

Below is a listing of everyones comments and I included their occupation not because you would care for most of them but I wanted you to get some idea of what were dealing with. Several of the people sampling the meat are self proclaimed meat lovers. The 4-year-old attending was very excited in the days prior to be coming over to our house for steak because she loves it. This was honestly a crowd that I think would be hard to please when it comes to meat because they like what they already eat so this had to be better or their comments would show that. Here is everyone’s comments, exactly as written and their rating of the beef on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best):

Construction Manager- It was yummy in my tummy 9

Architect- The meat was flavorful and juicy. Sliders were excellent, tender, juicy burgers. No fixin’s required! A great paring for a cold beer particularly a porter stout.  9

Executive- The ground beef was very juicy and flavorful. It had a great meaty texture with minimum grizzle. Awesome for burgers- low fat and lack of shrinkage when grilled.  8

Executive- Very tender and juicy. Amazing flavor. Super lean. 8

Construction Manager- The steak was delicious. I would recommend this meat to my friends.  9

Financial Advisor-Hamburger meat was great. Tasted just like a regular burger. The steak was good but not as good as the burgers. Meat was a little dry and gamey. Burgers 9 London Broil 6

HR Professional- Liked the meat and would like to sample more to figure out the best beer is to go with the meat. 8

HR Professional- Hamburgers were very good as was the london broil. They both tasted a little gamey but not in a bad way. Burgers 10  Steak 8

HR Professional (and my husband)- Burgers were fantastic! The meat did need to be cooked differently than other meat. 9 

Me- Burgers were so great. I did not put anything on my bun like a I normally do. It was also very juicy which I was concerned about, I worried the meat might be dry since it is lower in fat. The london broil was also good although it was along the same lines of the ‘conventional’ meat we get the grocery store.  9

Chef- Ground steak had a nice clean flavor, not as heavy feeling as grain fed meat. 8

4 year-old- Yummy!!  10

Average rating: 8

Overall, I think everyone was pleasantly surprised at how good the meat tasted. I know some people were concerned that the flavor would be significantly different and not to their liking. There was also concern that the meat would not be as tender because of the reduced calories and fat. I personally would definitely eat this meat again and knowing that it is more healthy for me and the cows were raised in a more healthy, humane, and environmentally friendly manner makes it that much better.

As I have said in previous posts I am not a vegetarian and I do not think I can ever become one. I could personally reduce my meat intake but never cut it out. La Cense Beef or other grass feed beef allows you to enjoy meat eating in a way that does not harm the environment as much as all our other meat alternatives so if you are like me and not willing to cut meat out of your life this an option to make better choice.

I highly recommend you goto La Cense Beef’s website and check out their products at:

La Cense Beef is also running a contest right now to help them come up with a slogan for their beef (you can enter without a slogan too, if you cannot think of anything), the prize… a cow! Don’t worry its a cow the way a beef company would give you a cow 😉 with a freezer! To enter or vote on entries go to:

Important note the meat came shipped to us frozen with dry ice. We thawed in the refrigerator overnight and it was perfect for cooking the next afternoon. Because the meat was vacuum sealed it did not taste like previously frozen beef so you should not be concerned.


4 thoughts on “MMM… Meat (grass fed)

  1. We live near ranches but I would think approaching people in your local farmer’s market would point you in the right direction. We buy our meat from a neighbor (He does finish on corn but not as much as conventional cows) The meat is extremely tasty–evocative of the best venison.

    Twice a year, he takes a few head to a butcher. We buy a 1/2 beef–it’s cheaper, its close to organic (the finish corn is not organic but everything else is) and its gourmet quality.

    I agree people should try this kind of beef. I think they will want to make the switch.

  2. I agree with the previous commenter that buying local is a great choice if it’s available. If you are going to eat meat, thinking about how it was not only treated while alive, but also how it’s life treated the earth is the least you can do. Besides, if your body is a temple, treat it as such and give it the best you can…not stuff from the Dollar Menu. 🙂

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  4. I was so excited to hear about your La Cense grass fed beef tasting! I work with La Cense Beef which is a USDA approved Grass Fed Beef program. La Cense beef is 100% grass fed beef making it lower in calorie and fat. Additionally it is high is omega 3 acids and beta carotene. So not only is it delicious as you mentioned but it is also much healthier than grain fed or grain finished beef.

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