A 7 year-olds Thoughts on the Environment

So I asked this 7 year old I know (she also drew my avatar) some questions about the environment here is the interview:

What do you learn about the environment in school? We talked about it for a week. Our teacher told us to recycle our newspapers, cans, and soda bottles. I think she said something about composting but I do not remember what that is.

Do you recycle at school? No not really, not bottles or plastic. When we use a piece of paper and we are done with it we put it in special garbage can.

What do you think you could do to save more water?Turn off the sink when I am done with it. I could also shut off the water when I do not need it when I am brushing my teeth like when I am putting the toothpaste on my toothbrush and when I am brushing. I could not leave the shower water running too. I also forget to flush the toilet alot so that saves water, at school our toilets flush themselves so sometimes when I am home I forget to flush the toilet.

Do you think you could use less electricity?Yes, I could turn off the lights when I am not in the room and we can use the curly lightbulbs.

Would you ever drive a small car? No, I like big cars so more people can fit in them.

What if it cost more to drive a big car? Well then maybe I would get a smaller car so I could buy other stuff.

Which do you like better hot or cold weather? Hot, I like to wear shorts.

What else do you do to save the environment? Mommy waters the plants with the water from the water bottles we leave in the car. We also walk to the bagel store down the street on the weekends. Oh and we also re-use our grocery bags.

What animal do you think needs our help more the polar bears or the bees? The polar bears because they are cute. I do not like bees, the only good thing about bees is they die after they sting you. I learned that when I went to the farm on a class trip.

It is to bad that school is not reinforcing more the idea that conservation and environmentally friendly practices should be part of your daily life. If you are not doing it in school then how can they learn what needs to be done. This interview shows that the No Child Left Inside Act should be seriously reconsidered. Children have the ability to learn the right ways to do things now but they need opportunities to learn it and school is a great place to show them. A parent can recycle, compost, and buy organic food but school is a great place to learn about how solar panels work and what happens when you compost…etc. Unfortunately, schools are not ready to teach our children the information they need so that can make better decisions about the environment.

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