Save More Money on Commuting (and use less gas)

If you are lucky enough to be able to commute to work using public transportation you should go to your boss or your HR representative and ask them to get you Transit Checks!!

Transit Checks are a pre-tax payment for vouchers that can be used to purchase train, subway, and bus passes. The federal government allows you to take a pre-tax deduction of up to $115 per month for the costs incurred with commuting.

Depending on what tax bracket you are in will vary the amount of money you will save on your taxes. But you can save up to $500 or more a year on taxes by using transit checks.

For most people using public transportation, if available, is already more cost effective than just the gas you put in your car (never mind the wear and tear on your car) but if it is close to a break even the transit checks will put you in a better place savings wise.

If your company does not currently offer a transit check program speak to your boss or HR rep about it because it is a great way for the company to show that they are committed to helping their employees salary go farther and make a commitment to the environment. As companies look for ways to say that they are committed to the environment and “going green” this is a small way they can do that and help you save money to.

There is also a separate transit check program with an additional $$ allotment for parking. So if you have to drive to the public transportation and then park in a lot you can get checks that help pay those costs as well.

I personally have used transit checks for my commuting costs as soon as I started working in a location that I could access using public transportation. They are easy to use and accepted everywhere my local bus and train companies accept them. They really are a great way to save money.


Here is the website for a company that provides this benefit:



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