Weekly Tip: Hang your Clothes to Dry

Hanging your clothes to dry is not one of the simplest tips of the week I have suggested but it is highly efficient. It costs about $85 per year to use a dryer, your second most energy using appliance in the house after the refrigerator. Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) estimates that a dryer emits 150 kilograms of greenhouse gas per year!

What you will need to do this:

  • Clothing line outside
  • clothes pins
  • drying racks indoors
  • clothing line inside (if you have a basement that is big enough for this)

The items listed above will not cost you alot of money but will be well worth the investment. The obvious hardship of following this tip is time involved in hanging you clothes up. It is much easier to throw them in a heap in the dryer, close the door and forget about it. Take the time to hang your clothes up outside or inside (depending on the weather) and do something to help the environment.


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