Review: The Happening

I know I blog about the environment so why am I reviewing a movie… especially a non-documentary movie. First I want to start off by saying that the movie was awful. There was very little plot, you really did not know what was happening and you kinda did not care either. I am not a fan of John Leguzamo either so I was not impressed and Mark Walhberg’s wife Zoey Daschel (sp?) was just horrendous. I do not recommend you go see the movie so the rest of this post will not really ruin it for you because I am going to tell you the only good parts or ideas of the movie.

The idea or theme of the movie was brilliant!! It’s execution of it is what I found so terrible. It was basically an environmental thriller. People all of sudden, starting in Central Park, loose their ability to speak coherently, stop walking or walk backwards and then (very quickly) decide they need to kill themselves. For part of the movie you think it is terrorist but you know it is not so you do not believe it. Then there is a theory floated in the movie that it is because of nuclear power plants of which there are many in the Northeast where the movie is based. So there is a brief discussion even if theoritical about the dangers of nuclear power. Then Mark Walhberg’s character figures out that it is the plants basically ganging up against the humans. The plants are trying to get us to realize that we need to respect the planet.

The message that humans are not the only intelligent creatures on this Earth is a fantastic idea. The idea that plants realized that we were killing their home had such potential. In the movie a scientist got on TV and told the people why it happened the newscaster approached his theory with the same skeptical attitude you see so often in a global warming discussion with people who think it just is not happening. The scientist said in one of the last scenes says you will understand when it happens again and it was not just one occurrence and the movie ends with it happening in France.

So the movie had a great potential to tell a horrifying tall of how peoples ignorance for the environment caused their ultimate demise it just was not the best version of a compelling story.


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