Weekly Tip: Reduce Air Conditioner Use

American use lots of energy cooling their homes in the late spring and summer month. What prompted me to write this post (last night by the time you read this) is it is maybe 65 degrees outside (I think that is being generous) and I walked past 3 houses with their air conditioner’s on. I had on a long sleeve shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a light fleece and I was comfortable I guarantee the people in those houses could have opened their windows and cooled their house to at least the level that they wanted. 

On average, about half of the energy used in U.S. homes is expended on space conditioning (i.e. heating and cooling)*.  A 12,000 BTU air conditioner minimally cost $.09 per hour to run and energy costs continue to skyrocket so who knows how much it could cost by the end of the summer. More houses are centrally air conditioned now as well so now the whole house is being cooled rather than the rooms that are needed.

I bet if we all really measured the temperatures in our houses in the winter we make it hotter than we allow our houses to be in the summer most of the time. We need to live with it being a few degrees hotter in the house than normal in the summer.

Here is what you can do to reduce the temperature in your house with out using the AC all the time:

  1. Install ceiling fans in frequently used rooms (they are good even in the winter too if the blades can go in reverse)
  2. Get a dehumidifier for key rooms. There are natural ways to dehumidify if you want to keep your energy bill really low.
  3. Put curtains up in the summer that block the sun from the windows that get that heavy noon time sun.
  4. Sleep with the windows open and less covers on your bed.
  5. Wear natural cotton clothing that will help make you feel cooler as well.

So please I beg you at least when it is cool enough out please do not run your air conditioner.

*from Wikipedia


2 thoughts on “Weekly Tip: Reduce Air Conditioner Use

  1. Air condition use is so widespread here in Chiang Mai, and your piece has inspired me to also do an article on this very subject. But more importantly, I have been looking for information on why air condition use is bad.

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