My Personal Tree Dilemma

As a person trying to live a more environmentally friendly life I find myself in a dilemma. Trees are very important to our environment, they help cleanse our air, provide a home to wildlife, provide shade…etc. However, I feel when  tree is dangerous it should be cut down.

I live in a suburban area outside a major city. Last week a tree in front of my house, that I had asked the town to remove, fell and missed knocking my house down by as small a distance as humanly possible. My tree was the only tree that could have fallen and not knocked down a house. All the houses on the street have little to no front yard and are close to their neighbors. We happen to have a double lot and tree fell in the yard, it did substantial but not structural damage to the side of my house (gouges in the wood, some damage to the roof shingles, knocked down my fence…etc.). As my neighbors came to see if we were ok, glare at the damage and the size of the tree we all discussed how poorly managed the town trees are and how impossible it is to get one taken down. The tree that fell was definitely not the worst tree on the street there is another one about a house away that has not had leaves on it since I moved into my house almost 3 years ago.  

Deep down I know these trees serve a purpose. I know that my house invaded their home (it was all a forest here before people settled here). I know that some people would argue that global warming and humans effects on the environment is what caused the fastest most horrific storm to blow through here in 20 mins and knocked the tree down. But all of that being said, I cannot just move out of my house, knock it down and put the forest back that was here before I was born. We need to figure out a way to safely deal with the issues of older trees and still do the right thing for the environment.

I do not want to sound like I do not understand that the situation I am in is because we are overpopulated…etc. but we need to really think about how we can balance some of the things that we just cannot completely undo and figure out how we can live a more environmentally friendly life without compromising safety.

*this issue with the tree is why I have not kept up with my posts the last 2 weeks.


One thought on “My Personal Tree Dilemma

  1. US has no plan to cope with collapse of civil society in distant future

    Climate change, global warming post serious problems, official claims

    By Staff Reporter
    WEBPOSTED: June 25, 3008

    A former senior official in the White House has dropped a proverbial
    bombshell by asserting that the U.S. and other major industrial
    countries have no coordinated plan to cope with a collapse of civil
    society in the future due to climate change and global warming and
    leading to possible mass migrations to northern regions of the globe.

    Edward Lendner, who was director of climate issues in a previous White
    House administration, wrote last week: “In what would be the single
    most important contingency that could impact civil society in the
    United States and other nations around the world, there is no agreed
    upon plan for how to deal with a collapsing world in the distant
    future if climate change and global warming get out of control and
    mass migrations northward create chaos in both wealthy and poor

    In response to an email asking: “Why was no plan drawn up when you
    were in the climate issues office in the White House?” Lendner
    replied: “There was no lack of planning on the US side. We did our
    part. There are several secret documents that have been drawn up in
    response to the collapse of civil society in North America and Europe
    — in addition to Africa, Asia and South America — but these plans
    have never been made public and most likely never will be.”

    “The main issue is that there is no agreed-upon mechanism for
    bilateral and multilateral planning (including with China and India,
    with their huge billion-plus populations), which obviously should be
    done in advance of such a contingency,” he added.

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