Environmental Improvements

I am happy to report that since I started this blog I have seen an improvement in the many places. I do not attribute any of them to this blog, by the way, but I think it is a fantastic showing that what I am talking about here is an issue that is being recognized by the public.


I noticed at one of the train stations I stop at on my home from work placed a recycling bin at the top of the stairs on the platform. People still have to make the decision to carry their recyclable garbage up from the train to place in receptical but it is still a step in the right direction.


The farmers market started again and I have seen huge crowds there buying local produce, honey, bread, and plants. Families are making it an outing and it has become much more a of a community event,


I notice at the grocery store more people are actually using re-useable bags. To be fair to my fellow grocery shoppers I think a lot of people were good about recycling their bags at the recepticals at the front of the store or re-using their grocery bags for multiple uses but now they are using canvas bags or those $.99 reusable bags they sell at the store.


I am not sure I have seen people using less water bottles though. That is the next thing I would like to see people give up!! Well I think it is great that people are making real changes in their lives and making small but important changes that will help the environment.


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