G8 = Waste of Time

As citizens of the world we would have been better served by all our world leaders just staying home and not burning the fossil fuels their jets took to take them to Japan for their summit!!

The group decided to half emissions by 2050… that is a long time from now. The damage that our world can do in the next 30 year is almost unimaginable. The world population is currently about 6.5 Billion people and by 2050 it is estimated to be 9.4 Billion people. That is more people driving cars, drinking water, using plastic….etc.

They made a long term goal with no short term or mid-term goals and these large countries go on to pressure developing countries to do more to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. G8 countries (United States, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Britain, Canada and Italy) have more ability financially to reduce their emissions yet this group has the nerve to put pressure on other countries. To be fair the Europeans have pushed harder for rich countries to reinvigorate talks by making unilateral commitments. Germany, for instance, has pledged to cut emissions by 20 percent by 2020, and by 30 percent if other countries join the effort. In the end though Germany was not able to influence the other G8 countries to make any real change.

Kim Carstensen, Director WWF Global Climate Initiative criticized the group by saying “so little progress after a whole year of minister meetings and negotiations is not only a wasted opportunity, it falls dangerously short of what is needed to protect people and nature from climate change.”  (from cnn.com).

The world only hope now is the UN lead talks that hope to create a new pact for countries to sign in December 2009 to follow up the Kyoto protocol that had a 2012 goal date. If that falls through it is unlikely that any world wide initiatives will help address or solve this worldwide problem.

In case you were not completely sick by the lack of work being performed by the group I leave you with this picture of the leaders eating dinner their official topic of discussion “World Food Crisis”…. I could not make this up

G8 leaders and their wives make a toast at the beginning of the G8 Social Dinner at the hotel Windsor Toya

Here is the menu too:

The dinner consisted of 18 dishes in eight courses including caviar, smoked salmon, Kyoto beef and a “G8 fantasy dessert”. The banquet was accompanied by five different wines from around the world including champagne, a French Bourgogne and sake. The dinner came just hours after a “working lunch” consisting of six courses including white asparagus and truffle soup, crab and a supreme of chicken. 

(source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/japan/2262534/G8-summit-Gordon-Brown-has-eight-course-dinner-before-food-crisis-talks.html)

They really should have just stayed home because they did NOTHING for the world by meeting.


One thought on “G8 = Waste of Time

  1. Does this really surprise you? I really believe that the aim of Government is completely self-serving. If it isn’t about your “legacy,” it’s about who you got your photograph taken with. Nothing fools the voters more than a nice snapshot.
    But hey, they didn’t go hungry…

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