Planet Green TV Show: Wasted

I have been trying to watch Green TV as much as I can lately. We got the channel in our area a few weeks ago and I am hooked on one show… Wasted. It has a great premise they go to an average American family and analyse everything they do. I mean everything, they go through their garbage on camera, see how long you shower, follow you around and see what you leave on. They then calculate the family’s ecological footprint. They coach them to tell them what they need to do to make changes and give them 3-4 weeks to live more green. They calcuate how much money they have saved in those weeks and calculate it out to a year and give the family that amount of money. Great motivation right!!!

The first few families I have seen are pretty wealthy. The first family I saw lived in an 3,000 square foot home and had 4 cars and motorcycle. They were wasting alot but they also had some means to make easy changes and certainly did not need to win the money. They also had to do some really easy things… one of the sons left the fridge door open the entire time he was cooking. Another member of the household kept every thing in their room on and plugged in. Overall,  a few changes most of us already make show big changes on the show.

The show is entertaining and there are great tips and facts through out the show (the host is a little annoying though). You learn about recycling, energy use, and water consumption. I hope that there is more variety of families featured on the show. It would be great to see some already green families go the next step to do better.


4 thoughts on “Planet Green TV Show: Wasted

  1. Re: TV shoe “Wasted”: I’m happy that Annabelle finally found another TV spot and is now a eco-expert. Her prior work hosting Movie Night and occult shows must have given her tons of experience.

    I feel sorry for the people on the shows who trade in their durable but energy-wasting appliances for Energy Star units promised to save them hundreds of dollars. They don’t realize the compromises in product engineering (sensitive electronics, undersize compressors, light-duty components) being used to provide those electricity savings while meeting consumer price targets. Three years later, when the fridge is burned out, or the front-load washer has a dead motherboard, I wouldn’t want to be a ‘Wasted’ host doing the follow-up interview!

  2. Hi Tom,

    A friend of mine (also named Tom) just dialed me into this website.

    I’ve never seen the show, but I like the premise.

    In response to your comment about front-loading washers, mine still runs fine after 8.5 years (2001 model)….of course, being eco-friendly I try to minimize the amount of laundry I do, but I think I can also credit quality engineering.

    — Mike Arendt, Owner and Centsible Sleuth,

  3. Hi my name is Norman I would like to know how to talk to someone with the show Wa$ted I’m not vary good at writing or putting my feelings on paper but I’ll try to do my best. To start off with I guess I’m somewhat a pack rat. I have a three bedroom house in Mansfield Texas we had built nineteen years ago and over the years I’ve somehow filled the garage, closets, walls and the 3rd bedroom with so much stuff that now I’m disabled with back problems and overwhelmed with it and I have no idea how or where to even start trying to get our house back. I have everything from computer parts to Nascar collectibles Christmas things to nuts & bolts and who knows what else I need help in the worst way. Before I was disabled I had all kinds of ideas for a lot of the stuff but know I’m just so overwhelmed and frustrated it is causing problems with my marriage my wife hates all of the stuff and wants to do things to save energy and money but all my stuff just gets in the way and were back where we started going in circles getting nowhere can someone Please HELP US!

    • Norman-

      I do not know anyone who works on the show and no one has ever contacted me through the blog from the show but maybe from reading your post they will.


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