Worst Blogger… I hope not

So after swearing that I would be a better poster after the tree fell on my house I did not keep up my end of the bargin. Sadly, I have another good excuse… I was in the hospital!! I am fine now so no worries but I have certainly left you all without posts for long enough. I won’t make any false promises because bad things seem to happen when I make them but I have alot of drafts almost done already and many more ideas in my head so I will work to write them so that I have reserve.

I do want to make some comments about my hospital stay and the environment… I drank out of a Styrofoam cup the entire time I was there and it completely creeped me out. As you know if you are a regular reader my most famous post is about the health effects of Styrofoam so here I was sick and drinking out of a Styrofoam cup. To be fair I never asked for a different one, I was more concerned about them giving me good care than thinking I was crazy so I let it go.

Plastic… it has a very valuable place in healthcare. My IV bags, tubing, the vials they took my blood in and almost dropped on the floor (I would have died if they took more that day so thank god for plastic). There are so many positive things I can say about plastic use in the medical field. Plastic was invented for a good reason we just over use it in our everyday life.

So I swear I will go back to the way it was a month and half ago where I actually posted regularly. I watched the 11th Hour documentary the first night I felt sick so I will have a post about that soon!!!

Again sorry I have been behind…


2 thoughts on “Worst Blogger… I hope not

  1. I would have taken the bottle of water… Besides the fact that it is probably not as bad for the environment it is not bad for me… I was sick already, polystyrene in my blood was probably not helping me get better faster!!! But like I said I did not say anything so I should keep my mouth shut now!

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