Review: The 11th Hour (Documentary)

I recently watched the 11th Hour which was narrated and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. It was a fantastic documentary that had people from all fields talking about how we need to make a commitment to help save the ourselves. The movie very clearly points out that Earth will probably live on without us, but we are going to probably kill ourselves. Several experts very eloquently point out that Earth has shook off lots of other creatures through out time and people have only been around for an EXTREMELY short period of time in the life of Earth.  

The movie started out with a good 30 minutes of complete and utter doomsday talk. My husband happened to call me in the middle of that part and I told him I thought we should not have kids… that depressing!! As you get further in the movie you understand that it really is that dire but there are alot of really smart and clever people out there working on fantastic things that can really help turn things around.

There were religious leaders, environmentalists, scientists, politicians, journalists, economic experts…etc. all interviewed in this movie. They all approached the topic from their area of expertise and I was amazed at the information that came out. Most people seemed to feel that we needed to take immediate action and in order to take that kind of action the government HAS to get involved. How the government gets involved is not agreed upon in the movie but it is agreed that in order to get the things moving quickly the consumer cannot be the only motivator of change. I am not sure if it was a historian or economic expert but they made an excellent point of how when the US became involved in WWII they were able to get Detroit to completely change their operations from building cars to planes and other war materials… we could easily get the business world on the energy/global warming crisis quickly with some real incentives (we already have so many incentives for oil and farming why not something this positive).

This movie is educational like an Inconvenient Truth but in a very different way. It is less about one person presenting the issues but having experts talk about the issues, the immediate need for a solution, and discuss the solution or how it can be grown in the economic environment. I liked both movies but for very different reasons. I really appreciated the expert discussion in The 11thHour, it was refreshing to hear not just scientists but even faith leaders talk about the importance of this issue from their perspective.

I recommend that you watch this movie, but I do warn you it is depressing at the beginning… stick with it and you will be happy you did!!

If you want to purchase either of these movies here are links to

The 11th Hour (cheaper than renting it to buy it!!! Only $4.99 on Amazon)

An Inconvenient Truth


2 thoughts on “Review: The 11th Hour (Documentary)

  1. Many thanks for your support of our film. The expert’s name you mention is James Woolsey. He is the former head of the CIA. Hope you get involved with 11th Hour Action.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

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