Weekly Tip: Reuse Common Items

There are so many things in your house that you can re-use instead of throwing them away. Look at every item before you throw it in your garbage can and think “how can I use this again?” If you re-use the items before you throw away or recycle them they do even less harm to the environment.  

Here are a few of the millions of examples:

Baby food jars- votive candle holders, containers for small items in your desk (or other places), way to take salad dressing in your lunch

Jelly or pasta sauce jars- put drinks in them for a picnic, use them the way you would use a plastic “tupperware” container, use them to organize your basement or garage (nails, screws,… you can even attach them to a peg board)

Plastic jugs- cut out part of the bottome use it as kitty litter, bird seed, grass seed, cereal scooper. Depending on what was in it fill it with water (from your rain barrel 😉 ) to water the plants

Yogurt containers (or takeout food or soup containers)- start seedlings in them or again use them to store food like you would any other plastic container

Wire hangers from the cleaners- Un-twist the hangers and put your ribbons on them and re-twist then all your ribbons are in one place.

Envelopes- This one is extreme… I use the back of envelopes for my grocery list and put the coupons I need in the envelope!!

What other ideas do you have for re-using common things in your house?? Post a comment.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Tip: Reuse Common Items

  1. Thanks! And the kids always have a ball creating new things from the stuff we use in the playroom. They enjoy it more than just sittng behind the computer. It gives them a chance to be creative and for the older one to think about her “impact”.

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