Note to Producers of Planet Green Show Wasted

Many people have been reading my post on the Planet Green TV show Wasted. In my post I talked about the need to put people on who are trying live a greener life and help them take it to the next level. I want to tell everyone I am more than willing to volunteer!! I searched the Planet Green, Discovery Channel, and Wasted websites and I could not find a page that let you contact anyone about the show, sign-up/request to be on the show, or leave feedback.

I would love to be on this show and I am 100% sure it will be entertaining to “catch” someone who blogs about the environment doing wrong. Here are some of the things you can help me with:

  1. I don’t have a digital thermostat
  2. Always forget to unplug and shut off my computer (as well as other items that should be unplugged)
  3. Windows leak air (in the winter you can almost feel the breeze)
  4. I have oil heat (maybe to big to tackle in the show but a real problem)
  5. I do not have rain barrels

I could go on but I do not want to say that much more! There are obviously items that I listed above that are more than the show probably wants to tackle but for alot of people interested in things “green” and watch the show probably want to see more than the typical wasters. I do want to say that these “waster” families should still be on the show because they provide a reminder of why the rest of us need to change because there are more “wasters” than those trying to live “green” right now.

So please if anyone who works for the show or knows someone who does tell them I am more than willing to be put on the show and expose my green shortcomings especially in the name of education.

Note: if someone actually wants to contact me from the show just post a comment to this blog… I moderate them so I will see it and no one else will… you never know  😉


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