How to be more Green at Work

There are some personal things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment at work.

Bring a refillable water bottle. Fill up the bottle with a water from the water cooler or the tap. They even sell water bottles with filters so if you really do not want to drink the tap water at your office you can still drink it.

Leave a coffee mug at work. Stop using the Styrofoam or paper cups that your office supplies. You can easily clean the mug out each day and store it in a drawer.

Bring a full set of utensils, plate and bowl. Rather than using paper plates and plastic utensils use your own and just wash it after each use.

Use the back of paper. We all print stuff out that we do not really need, accidentally print it twice, print the whole document rather than the one page you needed… I could go on… just put it back in the printer to use again when you want to review a draft of something or print anything that is not the “official” version.

Recycle. Most offices are recycling paper and plastic but most do not have a receptical in every office so make sure that you bring your recycling to the appropriate bin in your office.

Shut off your computer. If you are not going to use your computer over night shut it off. Plain and simple.

Shut off your lights when you leave. Even if the cleaning people are going to come in and turn it on again they may not be coming for hours so shut it off.

Unplug all your un-used chargers and other unused devices. This needlessly uses energy… maybe you will save enough energy that the bills go down and you get a raise 😉

Do you have any good office tips?


2 thoughts on “How to be more Green at Work

  1. Speaking of using the back of paper. We use page separators when we print on a common printer so all print jobs begin with a mostly blank sheet. I save these and then got the people in Graphics to show me how the BIG paper cutter works so I can cut a few hundred sheets at a time. Then I use the BIG stapler and make them into Notepads and sketchpads.
    I also already do many of your suggestions. I have my own water bottle, mug, titanium spork, japanese bento box, and always turn off the lights and my computer.

  2. Alpinmack-

    Good point alot of offices have that blank page waste to seperate each persons printing. The receptionist in my old job used to use scrap paper to write peoples messages down for them rather than those fancy phone message pads.

    Thanks for the post!!

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