How to Recycle an Airplane

jumbo turned into hostels photo

This is by far the most creative recycling I have ever seen in my entire life…. an airplane converted to a hostel… outside an airport!!!

Last year, a building permit for establishing Jumbo Hostel at the entrance to an airport. Earlier this year the plane was towed to a facility where the entire interior was gutted and cleaned. They then created individual rooms that share several hallway bathrooms. There is a suite located in the cockpit with a private bath as well as other suite-like rooms on the upper-level.  The hostel is built like any other place you can control the temperature in your room and the rooms even come with flat screen tv’s that keep you updated on flight status. You also cannot get more convenience… it is located right outside the airport with a clear view of the runway.

To add to the cool factor on this plane you can go to the cafe and walk out on the left wing to see the view!!! There are 25 rooms with a total of 85 beds. There is even wireless broadband available to all on board!

I have to say this is one of the most creative ideas on what to do with something that would have otherwise been left in a desert somewhere to live the rest of its long non-biodegradable life. I wonder what else we could do with old planes… prisons, homeless shelters, office building….etc.


jumbo hostel section photo


If you are not in Arlanda…. go to the website to check this cool hostel out:



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