My Green Road Trip

No I am not doing a road trip in a hybrid or ethanol fueled vehicle… I am car pooling. I would say extreme carpooling the way this trip is turning out. 6 people need to get to Nantucket… two live in the Midwest… none of us own an SUV (can you believe it).

The four people who live in the area (a few hours away from Nantucket) are going to drive in one of our cars to the airport in Rhode Island and pick up the other two people. Then we are going to park the car at the airport and rent a car (or get a limo…looking to be cheaper?) to put us all in and get to the ferry. We will then travel with even more people to get to the island on the ferry. THEN, we will not have a car while we are there so we will walk or carpool to the events of the weekend.  Once the weekend is over we will reverse this back home.

This saves us from flying there which besides being very expensive and saves our carbon emissions that contribute a massive amount to our carbon footprint. It also saves at least two separate car loads of drivers.  There is alot to be said for this amount of savings but it does not come without alot of work. There was the coordination of our departure time to get to the airport in enough time to meet our other friends and then coordinating the ferry times…etc.

It would have been a lot easier if any of us owned an SUV because then that person would have been responsible for the driving but at least we do not guzzle gas the rest of the time. The limo is not the greenest thing we could do (it has to drive back to where it came from) but it was actually more economical than renting a larger car at the airport and parking it so we all had think about our wallets because other parts of the trip are costly (hotel, ferry, and flight for our other friends).

Planning this trip does show that some of the things that seemed expensive in the past are now part of our options like car pooling, renting a bigger car so more people can go together, and even limo rides (if we had more than 6 people involved in this plan we would have had to have gotten a limo to all fit in one car). The limo industry really needs to take notice that they have a growing market.


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