Observed Global Warming

Global Warming is much more than just a rise in temperature it is a change in the weather of the world. I feel that the name global warming is becoming a misnomer for the real problem… yes the world is warming up and the poles are melting but alot more atmospheric things are happening. Weather is a big indicator of what global warming is really doing to our planet.

So it may not see like global “warming” when a certain area gets more snow that ever before but the reality is that is exactly what it is. The planet is not acting the way it used to. Here are some real examples of observed changes in our environment caused by “global warming.”

I got married in 2005 a little over month after Katrina. I remember writing my shower thank your notes during the evacuation coverage on TV. I think it is safe to say that most people feel Katrina was a sign of global warming and a changing planet. I got married in the northeast (US) and had a typical wedding for those in our area so there were events for three days. Friday night was a rehearsal dinner for close family, bridal party and out of town guest… it was a sweltering 85 degrees that night easily with a humidity that made me feel like I was on my honeymoon already. The next day, the big day, it rained like the world was ending… I was blissful bride who truly had no concept of how bad the rain was eventhough there were small leaks in the ceiling of the beautiful reception hall. Guests had not told me of their hair raising ride to and from locations. I started to get a hint of what was really happening in the drive from the reception to the hotel, it was raining harder than I really even understood at the time… then it hit me… we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and half the cars in the parking lot were underwater!!! One couple came home and their house had a few feet of water in the basement. Some family members say it rained 8 inches the day of our wedding, I find that to a bit much, but the hotel has never had their parking lot flood so it was alot.  So if that does not seem weird enough the next day it was maybe 55 degrees out… I wore a heavy sweater all day. Mind blowing just how different these three days were.  

Hurricane Kyle is another example of the big question, what is going on? How does a storm strengthen to a hurricane in the more northern Atlantic? Nova Scotia is probably not the most hurricane ready area. I know there are nor’easters…etc. but lets face it there are not may “Tropical” storms hitting Canada.

If we want to take it world wide look at Australia they have be ravaged by drought and praying for rain. How about the heat wave a few summers ago in Europe, over 30,000 people died in those heat waves.

The weather is turning more violent because of our changing atmospheric conditions. So for the people who still say there is no global warming because it snowed somewhere where it does not normally… they should realize that some day, if we do not change our ways we will be glued to the weather channel to figure out what is going on because it will not be predictable.


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