Economic Bailout = Bad News for Environment

Let’s face it green house gases, global warming, and all things political relating to solving this problem have been put on the back burner because of the economic crisis and the economic bailout package. I do not want to get into whether the economic package was a good idea, bad idea or any where in the middle. I just say we need to let our leaders know that we still care about this too!

I have always been a believer the next new dotcom craze or tech boom is going to come from alternative energy and what I would call “the green boom.”  We are at an amazingly unique time in history where we need a new economy to open up stimulate all the sectors, create jobs and get everything back on its feet. We can use this economy and the need for green technology to be the economic recovery plan.

Right now I think it is fair to say that the economy has taken the front seat and everything green has moved to the back. Here is a quote from an MSN article today that basically read my mind:

“Clearly it is somewhere down the totem pole given the economic realities we are facing,” said Tom Williams, a spokesman for Duke Energy Corp., an electricity producer that has supported federal mandates on greenhouse gases. Duke is a member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, an association of businesses and nonprofit groups that has lobbied Congress to act.

Earlier this past week, Rajendra Pachauri, head of the U.N. climate panel, said discussions about global warming solutions were “on the back burner.” Pachauri shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice President Al Gore for their work on climate change.

“I’m absolutely sure that climate change will be the last thing people will think about at this point in time,” he said. “Sooner or later, they will come back to it.”

We need to make our leaders see that being green can be the next great economic boom for the US not another thing to bring to the economy down. Write to your senators or congressman and let them know what you think!!


One thought on “Economic Bailout = Bad News for Environment

  1. Yes, I agree that the next boom will be a green boom. It is necessary for the survival of the species. In fact, I am a casualty of the recession and was laid off from my job. I am now looking to find my niche in a “green field” so that I will be in a good spot when it opens up to the boom.

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