Save Money and Be Green

With all the news about a failing economy, increases in gas prices…etc. Everyone is looking for ways to save money. Alot of the ideas here are recycled from earlier posts (follow links to earlier posts with more details as to why these are great tips) but they have even more meaning in this economy because they all help save you money and the environment.

Make your own cleaning products. American can spend anywhere from $5-20 per month on cleaning products. If you make your own using the recipes listed here you will save almost the entire amount ($4-$19 savings)

Use cloth napkins. You can go super green and make them out of old table cloths that have stains on them or use small dish towels. Depending on the size of you family it can save $2-$10 per month.

Use old t-shirts as rags. Stop using paper towels as much as you can. Every roll you do not buy will save at least $.50 to $1.

Shorter showers. Save money on your water bill and your hot water heating bills. It is that simple.

Wash your dishes in the dishwasher when the dishwasher is full and do not rinse with water. Rinsing does not do anything but waste water. Scrap your dishes into the garbage but beyond that you have done your part.

Grow more of your own food. Not everything, that is not possible for most people, but plant lettuce, herbs, veggies (especially squash, they are easy to grow and can be the base for a whole meal).

Eat less meat. Meat is expensive and as we know destructive to the environment so make more vegetarian meals. As you saw above squash is great ingredient and it is in season right now!

Have your friends over to your house for dinner. You can make the entire dinner or make it potluck. It you have a good set of friends you can rotate house each week. It saves money from going to a bar or the movies.

Sign up for Netflix’s. It lets you stay at home and not run your car and you spend a lot less on a monthly membership than you would on one movie ticket. You can bring your Netflix movie to your friends house for an after dinner activity!

Walk more It sounds easy but really if you use your car less you are using less gas and not abusing your car saving you lots of money. You also get the added benefit of exercise. If you cannot completely cut out using your car.  Most of us cannot give up driving completely but group your activities together so that you can run and do them all at once.

Use the library. It is such an amazing money saver to use the library. If you take out even two books you would have considered buying you will save at least $35 per year. Each book is at least $17 so each book you take out saves you more and more. Some library’s also rent movies for free!!

Quit the gym. Walk your dog, walk to work, walk to your errands…etc. for exercise. There is no need to pay for the impersonal treadmill at the gym. It will also take less time out of your day to run, walk, or otherwise exercise at home because you do not have the travel time! $10-$50+savings per month.

Buy a Sigg Water Bottle and fill it with tap water. Within one month you will have made back your money from buying the water bottle. This is a huge savings place.

Hang your clothes to dry. If you do not use your dryer you do not use electricity or gas (depending on your dryer)!

Use one or all of these tips and you will save money, maybe see your friends, and help the environment. I will try to do a follow up post to this with more tips.


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