Green New Years Resolutions

Maybe you do this every year but Ialmost never make resolutions.  This year I want to try to really do what I need to do to live a greener life. Some of these items I list you probably recognize from earlier posts but it is definitely worth making a new commitment to.

  1. Compost more, I personally have been slacking this winter in adding to my compost bin. I am still creating lots of great items to put in there (egg shells,  orange peels…etc.)
  2. Recycle even more. I need to move the plastic and tin can recycling bin closer to my back door so I put the stuff out there. I also need to dig into the trash and take out the cans that my husband throws out too.
  3. Stop the junk mail. I signed up for Green Dimes and did alot of work on making that work but I need to keep following up with it. All of a sudden I am getting a ton of catalogs and I need to update my preferences. I also need to figure out how to get rid of the credit card offers…. there is a forest a week being lost to these.
  4. Bring canvas bags with me everywhere. I really made a committment to do this the other day when I was shopping and it was more comfortable to just put everything in the bag. I am going to leave one in my car and one in my husbands (hidden under the seat, he would not want my litter in his car) so there is no excuse for me not to do it.
  5. Drive less… this is just hard.
  6. Walk more… this will be easier when it gets a little warmer out.
  7. Eat more organic and local food.
  8. Be a more active environmentalist. Participate in events locally that promote environmentalism, learn more about the environment, share that information on the blog, and shop in a more environmentally responsible way.

I hope that as I commit to these resolutions I can share with you what I learn along the way.

Please post your green resolutions or suggestions you may have for me.


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