Green Celebrities: Adrian Grenier

I would say that Adrian Grenier, star of Entourage, lives a green life in a much quieter way than alot of the other people who are on this list. He may have dreams of being as famous for his green lifestyle as the other listed but I do not think he is there yet but he might get there so I think he deserves to be on the list.

He happens to have a show on Planet Green just like some of the other on the list but it is a more personal look into his transformation to green. The show, Alter Eco, shows how Adrian is renovating a new house to be green and looks at other lifestyle changes he can make with help of his environmentally minded friends. His friend Rick Bryd is a real estate developer who says he green and is helping Adrian renovate a new house in a green way. While Rick knows what he is talking about every time he opens his mouth it seems like green slime comes out… he is the yuckiest guy Adrain is friends with that you see.  His other friends Angela Lindvall, Dareen Moore, and Boise Thomas have a genuine interest in all things green. In shows they take you a farmers market and then follow a florist home and learn about how she composts…etc. He has surrounded himself with people who really want to live a green life so their influence on him is sure to rub off.

Through out the course of the show the renovate the house and I encourge you to check out the house in these two slide shows pictures of house and more pictures of house. The house is amazing looking and shows alot of great green design elements.

Recently he was the Charity Ball Gala (picture) at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City to raise money to build wells in 13 countries so residents can have clean drinking water. He has volunteered for City Harvest bring food to the poor and home bound (picture).

He talks about his commitment to the environment in all of his interviews and talk about the changes he has made in his life.

I had a hard time finding any bio’s on him or a list of environmental organization that he supports but I think it is clear that he lives a green lifestyle. I think he might become as active as the other listed here so I decided to include him.


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