Green Celebrities: Honorable Mentions & Hopes For Next Year

I hope that Barack Obama is on my list of green celebrities next year. I hope he is the greenest President we have ever had (that is not that hard).  I hope that he holds true to most of his campaign promises on helping the environment and making America a leader  in green initiatives. I also hope that makes the environment a priority in his policies that enacts.

I hope we can see at least one Governor in our country really make a serious commitment to the environment. A Governor that works to enact laws that promote green choices for residents and business through tax cuts and other incentives.

I would also like to see P Diddy or whatever he calls himself now make some green choices. He recently stopped flying his personal jet because of oil prices (now that they have gone down I am pretty sure he is still flying his plane). You also see him on yachts and all over the world on any given day hosting crazy parties. I am sure he has done some token “green” things but the reality is I doubt he has made any real choices and changes and he would be a great role model to make changes.

Maybe we can get one of the heads of the American car companies on here next year for instituting a major turn around in their busines and providing the American people a good, environmentally friendly, AMERICAN car.

I would be happy to have so many people to choose from next year that I did not know what to do…

Honorable Mentions:

Paul McCartney- he has been a vegetarian for decades. He and his late wife Linda were always leaders in the animal rights and vegetarian lifestyle movement. He even lent his wife’s name to a line of vegetarian meals that can be found in alot of stores.

Brad Pitt- For building green houses in New Orleans. He has always had an intrerest in architecture and he used his interest to make sensible and sustainable houses in the Hurricane ravaged parts of the gulf coast with Make It Right.

Alicia Silverstone- another vegetarian who has been honored by PETA as the vegetarian of the year. She also set up an animal sanctuary and has been driving a hybrid car for years!

As you can see there is room for more people on my list!


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