Green Baby Shower Gifts

I originally started writing this post a few months ago when I was researching items to put in my “green basket” baby shower gift for a friend. I could not post it because her and her husband read my blog and then I got lazy and never finished it.

Here are some great ideas for some green gifts you can give your parents to be.

Sigg or other stainless steel sippy cups- Plastic with bis-phenol or BPA has been know to leach into the food that is contained in them (see my post of the health effects of plastic here).  By using stainless steel sippy cups you do not expose the child to any harmful chemical. I think we all know that plastic is not good for the environment so by purchasing a stainless steel sippy cup you are saving another plastic item from being made and ending up in a landfill.

G diapers– Regular diapers can take up to 500 years to break down in a landfill and G Diapers take 90 days because they are plastic free. You can also compost (the wet ones) or flush them as well. Basically they are cotton breathable outer pants that come with disposable inserts. Because you are not throwing out the entire diaper with every change there is a little bit of work involved for a parent to keep up with this method of diapering but G Diaper has an 800 number and website for help for parents. Remember kids can poop through regular, bad for the environment, diapers so be realistic in your expectations for these diapers. The good they do for the environment are worth the learning curve needed to be successful in using them.

Diaper service- Find a local diaper service for your eco-friendly family-to-be and pre-pay a month or two for them. Give them some cloth diaper pants, covers, or holders (for lack of a better term). You can order diaper covers from or . You can also get cloth diaper accessories at

Organic baby clothes and blanket- organic cotton is much easier to get these days for kids and babies. Organic cotton is most sustainable for the environment because no harsh pesticides are used in the farming of cotton. These pesticides comes through in the fibers of the cotton and can get on babies skin so organic clothes are better for baby and the environment.

Baby food maker- There are devices out there now to make it even easier for parents to make their children a fresh nutritious dinner. The  <a href=”Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker“>  Is a steamer and pureer that gives parents the ability to Baby food freezer packages – If you decide to make your own baby food even some of the tie you need to get one of these amazing storage containers to make it easier for you to freeze. <a href=”Baby Cubes 2 Oz. Baby Food Storage Contains no Phthalates, Bisphenol-A, PVC“> or <a href=”Baby Cubes 1 Oz. Baby Food Storage Contains no Phthalates, Bisphenol-A, PVC“>

Baby food cookbooks- It is actually quite easy to make food for your baby and most food can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months so it is possible to devote some time on a regular basis to make the food but still have the same conveniences as store bought processed foods. It helps you buy local, organic, and healthier foods. One of the best cookbooks I have found is the “<a href=”Cooking for Baby: Wholesome, Homemade, Delicious Foods for 6 to 18 Months“>Cooking for Baby” Cookbook by Lisa Barnes.

Recyclable stroller- Baby Planet makes some of the coolest strollers ever… They come in animal themes like tiger and frog, a donation goes to the Wildlife Conservation Society with every purchase and when you are done with the stroller you send it back to them for free and they recycle the ENTIRE thing!  While I have never actually pushed one I read the reviews on Babies R US and it appears people are happy with it, the complaint I read the most was that it was a little heavier than other strollers but I personally feel the big plastic strollers are to light weight a cheap (not to mention bad for the environment).

Check their registry as Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby and other stores start carrying more eco-friendly baby items you may find that the parents have already registered for items that fit into this theme.

Find a creative way to package the items to that is eco-friendly like canvas bag or basket made out of recycled materials. Try not to undo the green goodness of the gift by its packaging (easier said than done, I understand).

PS. Sorry for a few formating problems in this post I cannot seem to figure out what is wrong. I did not want to hold up posting this anymore.

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3 thoughts on “Green Baby Shower Gifts

  1. Hi,

    Great post & in the modern world everything that can be done to help the environment is a good thing in my opinion!

    If you’re in Australia then I recommend Bambini Pronto –

    They stock a large range of green products including the Sigg bottles & baby cubes you mentioned. They may not be the cheapest but their delivery is quick & service was great.

  2. As the recipient of the above ‘eco-gifts’, i felt it was only right to post … the sigg sippy cup is actually one of my favorite gifts i received, it’s so cool looking and knowing that it is both safe for my little one and best for the environment makes me love it even more …

    the g-diapers have a definate learning curve but if you are commited to figuring it out they are fantastic. as leigh said, yes babies poo through regular disposable diapers, so it is only fair to assume that they will also do so with the g’s … however, the liners are plastic so all they need is a good wash/soak and they are ready to use again. the covers rarely get dirty unles there is a mishap in taking the diaper off (my little one likes to flail his legs about as soon as the diaper comes off and tries to stick his feet in the mess) so they can be reused several times before they need washing. i suggest having a minimun of 4 cloth outer covers and 6-8 plastic snap in liners so that you will always have clean back ups.

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