Great Tips and Posts for Earth Day

Below is a list of blogs that I like and links to some of my favorite green, earth friendly, eco-friendly posts that they have.

Cupcakes and Cutlery– blog with awesome advice about throwing the best parties ever. They have a section on eco-friendly party resources. The post I personally reference  is the “save the cutlery save the world” post that has resources on where to get ecofriendly party supplies.

Ed Next Step- blog about sustainably, architecture, and education (I am grossly under explaining this blog you should check it out). This blog has a section about green schools, I particularly like the posts about the Greening of America’s Schools. You should also check out St. Phillip’s Academy which is a green school the author of the blog is involved with.

Angry African– I think he says it best in his tag line “I have opinions, I am from Africa, I live here now, I blog.” He blogs about alot of different topics but he is one of the best writers I have ever read in the blogging world. I particularly like his green post titled “What the Hell is Eco-Friendly,” you need to read some of his other posts to truly know what he is being tongue in cheek it is a great post (if you want to read a great post that is not about the environment read “How I Love my Wife“)

Do you have any green blogs you want to plug?


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