Thoughts for Earth Day

As we start to celebrate Earth Day, here is a short list of good and bad things that are happening for the environment. This is the first of a few posts today in celebration of Earth Day.  


More people are employed by the wind power industry than coal mines- Definitely a shift in the right direction!

EPA targets green house gases- The EPA is finally taking a real look at how we can reduce our green house gases.

Bottled water sales decreasing- Since only about 25 years ago people used to just drink from a water fountain when they were thirsty the waste created from bottled water sales has had a huge impact on society. Now, maybe because of the economy, sales are on the decline. People need to start bringing their tap water in a water bottle with them rather than purchasing their water.


Still no wind power off the coast of US- Alot of states are talking about, acting like they are getting close…etc. but currently there are no actually wind turbines off the coast of the US.

People still drive huge cars and good alternative vehicles are not available for sale.

Oil prices went down, good because of the economy, but bad for the environment… people were really looking at their oil consumption when the price was almost double what it is now.

I hope you check back through out the day to see what other thoughts, advice, and resources I have  for Earth Day.


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