G-Diapers, My Green Failure and A Review

If there was anything I wanted to do as a parent that was green it was making my diapering green. I researched cloth diapers. I had babysat for two children when I was teenager that used cloth diapers. I am intimately familiar with the pro’s and con’s of cloth diapers but I was ready to do it. I researched diaper services in my area to no avail. I knew I was not going to wash cloth diapers myself, there is a limit to my capacity as a working mother (there is a serious business opportunity in my area).

So after working on that I looked at the next best thing from a green perspective G Diapers. For those of you who are not familiar it is basically a cloth diaper concept with a disposable insert. There are cloth outerpants with disposable, flushable or compostable inserts that you change.

I registered for the starter pack and received them as a shower gift. I got a lot of other awesome green shower and baby gifts but I was particularly excited because this could be one of mine, my husbands and my daughters greenest efforts together.

My daughter was born at an average size but she was petite so I kept trying the small G diaper pants on her and they just did not fit. I thought I was too eager and trying too soon. So finally when she was well over the weight listed on the box I tried again for a day. There were leaks and poop issues. I put her in a regular diaper to sleep, deep down I knew these were still not working and did not want her to get dirty in her bed. The next day I tried again… No luck. I still have not put them away or offered them to a friend because I still hope they will work for my petite daughter.

Now to get down to the technical information as to why it did not work… It is pretty simple and if anyone working for G Diapers or a competitor reads this I would be happy to speak to them directly because I am a consumer who REALLY wanted to do this… The pants were not adjustable enough. On a regular disposable diaper you can fasten it closed anywhere on the front but on G diapers there are velcro squares and that is it. My daughter happens to have a smaller waist if I had the ability to fasten it closed tighter I think I would be a user now. In every size of disposable diaper she had worn the right and left side tabs have had to meet in the middle.

For those parents or parents to be out there I don’t want you to take this as a negative review just understand the potential challenge you might have with the product. If you have a preemie or small baby it maybe weeks or months till your child fits into the diapers. It will be hard to switch from what you get used to at birth to something different.  In the days I tried it was amazingly simple to change the diaper inserts. I recommend having at least two pairs of G pants so you can change the diaper like you would with a disposable… quickly!

Because we have failed to be green in our diapering does not mean we have given up on being green parents… I will write more about our other green challenges and successes.

For more information go to the G Diapers Website they have how to videos and in-depth information about their product.

 **Important note if you are going to send your child to daycare check with them first to see if they will accept G Diapers or Cloth diapers… many will not!


One thought on “G-Diapers, My Green Failure and A Review

  1. This is useful to hear, though disappointing since it does sound like a great product! You should try contacting the company directly– I’m sure they’d appreciate the feedback.

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