Baby Food Making: Greener and Healthier

I would like to feed my daughter as much organic and/or locally grown food as possible. I want to do this for the obvious green and health reasons. As my daughter starts eating solid foods I went to the local (non Whole Foods or Trader Joes) grocery store that has a regularly ok selection of organic food and found VERY little selection of organic baby food and equally unimpressive array of baby food in general. There were carrots, bananas, sweet potato…etc. Nothing very wide-ranging of fruits and veggies. I was very disappointed.

To be fair and honest my intention always was to make my own baby food but I did wanted some jarred foods for traveling, if I was busy, our freezer broke unexpectly….etc. I was shocked at how hard it was to find 5 jars I wanted have. I remember babysitting and feeding the kids beets and other fruits and veggies from a jar and none of these “exotic” foods could be found.

So I am now searching for good fruits and veggies so I can make my daughter a wide variety of food that is healthy for her so that she can MAYBE be a good eater. I see why kids eat what they eat based on the baby food on the shelf everything is sweet and starchy.

For any person who does not believe me look at baby food bananas, they are kinda pink and set color no change, no specs… then mash-up a real banana it is has varying colors and texture. To be fair the baby food bananas still smells like bananas… but then again perfume smells like flowers and it isn’t.

Another case in point is when we were traveling recently I purchased jarred organic baby food in only my daughters favorite foods. Only her absolute favorites would she even touch like prunes and pears. I tried giving her carrots something she will ALWAYS eat and I put a spoonful in her mouth and she acted like I was poisoning her and made a face that is generally reserved for new food she dislikes. So basically even my 8 month old daughter knows that the food does not taste the same.

I am going to post next week how to make your own baby food including the materials (very few) that you need ,about how much time it takes (not as much as you would think) and cost comparison (it is cheaper, but I did not think it would be).


One thought on “Baby Food Making: Greener and Healthier

  1. It is SO easy — GOOD FOR YOU! I blog about it weekly, and one of my goals is to cover seasonal produce. If you are trying to introduce protein, silken organic tofu is wonderful (great texture, amazingly nutritious) and plain yogurt is good to mix with fruits or some vegetables (like beets or sweet potato).

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