The Homeless Environmentalist

Yesterday as I was walking down the street I saw a homless man with two huge bags of plastic bottles and tin cans and I thought as terrible the reason is this person is doing this he is doing a termendous service for the environment. All to often when I am walking and I see people throw out their water bottle or soda can and I feel like they should have carried it to place where they could have recycled it. I understand that this is completely unreasonable who is going to carry their garbage with them when there is a perfectly good garbage can right there on the corner. I know it would be the green thing to do but lets face it most people are not going to do it. So this man is going through all those garbage bags on each corner and collecting the bottles people threw out.

I have often debated with myself if the can/bottle ‘sin’ tax works or is worth it. Our homeless man is a perfect example of why it works. While 5 cents is not a big incentive for a lot of people to return the bottle it is enough for someone else to correct their wrongs.

The best would be recycling bins next to the trash bins. I am just starting to see them in some places but they are far from common place.

Now if we could figure out how we can help the guy who was homeless find a job and a home while protecting the environment then we would have some real solutions.

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