Disturbing Sight, Recycling not being Recycled

I had the unfortunate luck of being directly behind our garbage truck on our street this morning so I got to watch them put the garbage in. I was shocked to see everyones recycling being put in this truck. Plastic milk containers, tin cans, glass bottles all from clearly marked recycle bins!!! Then I watched them compact it up… No getting the little bits of broken glass into a recycling center.

I am shocked and upset. I try to be very careful about seperating my recycling so to see that this work makes no difference is just wrong.

IF I get time today I am going to research if a typical garbage truck can process recycling!!

IF you know please post a comment!

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One thought on “Disturbing Sight, Recycling not being Recycled

  1. I wanted to add one more point to this post… I have seen the recycling get picked up before in a different truck that is divided and clearly for recycling that is why I noticed the difference.


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