Gap gives you 30% off for your old jeans!!!!

Friday, March 5th through March 14th if you bring in an old pair of jeans to the Gap you will get 30% off a pair of new jeans (35% off if you use your Gap, Banana, or Old Navy card)!!! Who does not have an old pair of jeans that they could bring in.

I went to Gap’s website to get more details on what they are doing with the jeans they collect and there was nothing there. I will keep checking back and post the details. I read on a non-Gap confirmed website that the denim will be sent to the Cotton From Blue to Green Project, which takes old denim and recycles it into insulation for eco-friendly homes.

Update: Just read a little on the Cotton from Blue to Green website this appears to be, if successful, on of their most major outreach to get denim to recycle. In 2007, they were able to collect enough jeans to provide Habitat for Humanity insulation for 75 homes in the Hurricane Katrina ravaged areas!! I hope they eventually release some statistics on what they collect from this because it has the potential to be a huge collection.  

Update, Friday March 5th: So I contacted Gap yesterday via email and asked why there was nothing on their website about this and they told me to go to the Gap INC website where I found a link to the press release about the program. Here is a quote from the release:

”We hope the drive will help foster awareness about cotton’s recyclability among our consumers, while enabling them to give back to communities in need,” said Marka Hansen, President, Gap North America. “What’s more, with denim-on-denim being one of this spring’s key trends, we think this is the perfect time to take the COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® denim drive nationwide to retail locations for the first time, giving customers an opportunity to recycle their old denim and pick up the latest Gap denim at a special discount.”

Update, Monday March 8th: I went this weekend to our local Gap (there is one in a residental area near a few other stores, but it is small one) with my husband and two pairs of jeans to recycle… He got two pair (I got none). Pretty much everyone there had a pair of jeans to recycle. They had a bin by the register and sign in the window, the sales staff seemed less than interested in the whole thing and did not know much about it. This could be a great PR thing for Gap I am really suprised at how played down it is.

An important note you can take 30% off (35% with Gap, Banana, or Old Navy card) ANY REGULAR PRICED jeans, kids, baby, adult and even their premium line of 1969 jeans!!!

Here is their website:



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